Rules for Mafioso

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Rules for Mafioso

Post by Admin Reed on Tue Jul 14, 2015 3:39 pm

Rule 1: Respect other members OOC (out of character). In-game is another matter, as there will undoubtedly be trash talk and what not, but this will NOT transfer to personal attacks OOC, or a warning/ban will be issued.

Rule 2: Stay in character whilst in-game. Please, do NOT use any form of modern slang, and I would recommend researching slang and speech patterns for whatever one's character is. And please, I beg you, no emoticons while in-character.

Rule 3: Do not do anything that is a "grey area" without consent from an Administrator. Do not form any new Mafia families, make new accounts, or pull any above and beyond heists without approval from myself or another Admin.

Rule 4: Remember your time frame. We are in the 1940s, so no, you may not shoot people with lasers or attack with drones.

Rule 5: This game does not have to purely consist of Italian-American Mafias. If one's role is a "Boss" or a functional equivalent, you may found your own syndicate (IE Irish-American, African-American, etc.) However, ALL applications must go through an Administrator and be approved.

Rule 6: Have fun! The rules are here so everyone can have an enjoyable, semi-realistic experience. Without you, this would just be a sad shell of a website!
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