How Admins Decide on How (and How Well) an Action Passes.

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How Admins Decide on How (and How Well) an Action Passes.

Post by Admin Reed on Wed Jul 15, 2015 12:24 am

Admins will use a combination of logic and dice rolling to decide on how an action passes. First, if a proposed action breaks any time period restrictions or rules, it will be automatically be failed with no repercussions (as it never happened). Next, a logical train of thought is applied. Let's say a Soldato is ordered to take out a powerful Don using a switch blade. While the action will not be barred, it will most likely be HIGHLY unlikely to pass, based on various factors, including:

-The Don's stats
-The Soldato's stats
-The area where it is taking place
-The power of the Don's faction

In essence, the Admins operate like a game moderator would for any in-person role-playing game.

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