In-Depth Explanation of a Vanilla Mafia Ranking Structure

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In-Depth Explanation of a Vanilla Mafia Ranking Structure

Post by Admin Reed on Fri Jul 17, 2015 2:34 pm

Boss ("Don"): Head of a Mafia family, responsible for all decisions. Orders are passed down from the Boss to the Underboss, and from there to the Caporegime, and finally to the Soldato.

Underboss: Responsible for making sure cuts of the profit find their way to the Boss, and (per discretion of the Boss) are responsible for assigning Caporegime(s) and Soldato/Soldati to jobs.

Consigliere: Acts as an adviser to the Boss, completing the trio that makes up the upper hierarchy of a Mafia family. As a Consigliere is entrusted with advising the Boss, he/she is one of the few people who are able to argue with the Boss and live.

Caporegime: Leads a squad of any number of Soldati, and is typically a veteran of the family, but not close enough to the Boss personally to be Underboss or Consigliere.

Soldato: The muscle of a Mafia, the Soldato is the family's boots on the ground, given all of the grunt work.

Associate: A non-Italian/non-initiated individual who works in correlation with a certain family.

NOTE I: Only the Boss (or equivalent) may create a syndicate.
NOTE II: Only the Boss or Underboss can give promotions, demotions, or initiate someone (make them a "made-man").
NOTE II: This is assuming that the syndicate is an Italian-American Mafia, but any type of historically accurate ethnic (IE Irish-American, African-American, etc.) or mixed race syndicate may be made.
NOTE III: ALL syndicates (and in-game characters) are subject to editing or denial by an Admin as part of the registration process. Please, do not take rejected syndicates or characters personally, as we strive to help people be creative while staying in the spirit of the time-frame.

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