How Mafioso Will Be Administrated

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How Mafioso Will Be Administrated

Post by Admin Reed on Fri Jul 17, 2015 4:16 pm

In order to make it easy for everyone, one real-life week will be one in-game day, with:

-3 real-life days acting as day and 4 acting as night
OR, during Daylight Savings Time
-4 real-life days acting as day and 3 acting as night

The first day will be January 1st, and will continue on from there. There will be seasonal weather that I will have randomized based on the outcome of a rolled 20-sided die, which leads me to my next topic:

How do you decide what actions pass?

Let's use an example: I am a Soldato with 2 Brawn, 1 Fleetness, 1 Marksmanship, and 1 Fortitude. I am trying to kill a rival Don on behalf of my Mafia family, making this a "hit" action. I am armed with a pocket knife, which means the hit will rely on my Brawn for multipliers. I have 2 Brawn (out of a maximum of 10), which gives me a +2 to the outcome of the rolled 20-sided die used for the action. I rolled a perfect 20, and with the +2, this makes it a critical success, instantly killing the Don and ignoring any saving Fortitude or Luck roll.

Basically, there are three categories of difficulty, each with a different die to be rolled:
Easy- One six-sided die
Medium- Two six-sided die, totaling 12
Hard- One twenty-sided die

So essentially, this operates much like Dungeons & Dragons, as far as actions go.

If you have any questions, post it in the "Ask an Admin" sub-forum, or P.M. myself or Admin Noah!

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