List of Admin-Approved Roles for Mafioso

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List of Admin-Approved Roles for Mafioso

Post by Admin Reed on Fri Jul 17, 2015 3:55 pm

Boss ("Don" or other in game): Head of a Mafia family. Common jobs include business meetings and making large scale orders.

Underboss: The Boss' lieutenant; common jobs include making sure the Boss gets his/her cut and assigning jobs to Caporegimes and Soldati.

Consigliere: Gives the Boss advice; common jobs include defending the family in court and arranging/attending meetings between families or other organizations.

Caporegime (may be abbreviated "Capo": In charge of a number of Soldati; common jobs include hits and robberies.

Soldato: The grunts of a family; common jobs include rough-ups and extortions.

Associate: Not necessarily a member of any family, and does not receive protection therefore; common jobs are that of Caporegimes and Soldati, but are often simpler jobs with a Soldato or Caporegime managing them.

NYPD Officer: Conduct busts on members of the Mafia or those associated with them; may be "bought out", either individually or the entire department at once, bribes may be turned down, but that makes one a likely target for a hit or rough-up.

Journalist: A profitable position, but dangerous if one is in the wrong place at the wrong time, may be bribed to produce news articles that slander or glorify an individual.

NOTE: You may make your own role, but it must be approved by an Admin. Also, please remember that these roles assume one is making an Italian-American Mafia. However, one may make whatever kind of crime syndicate they please, as long as an Admin approves it. If you make your own, please provide a ranking structure similar to the Italian-American (base) structure in your player application (you must be a Boss to make a crime syndicate).
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